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Why is this website ?

The website is designed to create an awareness about the sex-offender in neighbourhood or in your workplace. Timmendequas kidnapped,raped and murdered a lovely little girl Megan Kanka. Sex-offenders like Jesse Timmendequas are everywhere with their predatory techniques. So it is most important to spot a Timmendequas in your neighborhood to keep your children and women-folk away from him. It comes easy to a sex offender in gaining entry to your household without much hassle. He can be your friend, your colleague your next-door neighbor, whose darkest side is unknown to you.

Nothing is more important than protecting your child and near and dear one from an habitual sex-offender. The, the biggest repository of sex-offenders' register, will offer you state-wise information about each and every sex-offender in US. It is not merely a website it is a movement against sex-offenses.

Not all sex offenders have been caught and convicted. Most sex offenses are committed by family, friends or acquaintances of the victim. In fact, vast majority of cases (up to 90%), children are molested by someone they know. So register the name of the offenders with the required details, as much as possible. We would include his or her name after a thorough inquiry by law-enforcing agencies.

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What does it offer?

In, you can instantly access to the most complete database of registered sexual offenders along with real-time updates on the moving in and out of the offender in your neighborhood.

* Get detailed map of any location. Locate the sex-offender in your locality. Identify the high-risk areas

* Full names, aliases and fake names an offender used during and after the offenses

* Color photos to identify sex-offenders near you

* History of offenses of an offender

* Address of an offender

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Sex-Offender Tracking Information System (SOTIS):

Search by keying in name and place. A search result will provide information about any offender who is, or was, in US prison, on parole or probation has transferred in or out of the prison, or who has escaped or absconded from their sentence. The search will accurately reflect the most current location, status, projected release date or other information regarding an offender.

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Some must 'DOS' for parents to keep their children away from sex-offenders: Make your child aware of the wrong about an adult to engage children in sexual activity. Make your child feel easy to confide you anything child does not feel comfortable. Often a child does not want to recollect the trauma he or she has undergone in the hands of the offender/abuser. Know people with whom your child spends time or play with. Make your child aware of his or her body. Having awareness of the body make a child alert about sex-offender in guise. Know the places where your child is most of the time. Know your children's friends and know the places and homes your child might visit. Make them understand the safety checks. Let them know the emergency child-line Nos. for emergency purpose. Please see that your child is not alone in a car or a bus, whether it is running or not. Staying alone in a vehicle is a potential danger.

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We are adding/ updating new records 24 hours 365 days

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Registered Members views about Sex Offenders Records Database

"My near relative was harassed by a sex offender once in her teens. For that reason I am well aware about the possible motives & intensions of any sex offender. My daughter’s safety is a prime concern to me, now-a-days. This - provides me a quick sex offender search of my district & I made a list out of that on my own. Now, I’m much relieved!"

Ridge Curry
Alaska, USA


"Sex Offence against minors is on the rise, currently. We have passed many laws to curb the heinous offence. But the main objective should be to spread the awareness amongst the parents & citizen. One must be well equipped to cope up the situation with ample data of various sex offenders, State wise & even County-wise. This website - - is unique in this regard. They have a wonderfully indexed database of USA sex offender list & it is user-friendly too. Good job done guys!"

Bill Curter
Virginia, USA

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